NCEA Practice Exams for UK Universities


Do UK Universities use your school based NCEA Level 3 mock exams that are usually sat in Term 3 to calculate your grades holistically? Note: these are school based mock exams and grades aren’t sent to NZQA. I believe Oxford gives conditional offers on Jan 15, official NCEA external results are released late January how would this work?


No, the university doesn’t typically use your NCEA Level 3 mock exams but your high school will use those results to form your predicted grades typically for both Level 3 and any scholarships you are sitting. It is these predicted grades that will be used in your application (as well as any NCEA Level 2 or accelerated Level 3 grades you have + current credits in Year 13)

Feel free to fire me your NCEA transcript and I can give you some feedback on how competitive your candidacy is looking for UK universities (


Hi Jamie, these are my NCEA results so far, note: I didn’t do any externals in level 2 as I was on a 7 month exchange. What grades would you theoretically be aiming for in order to have a competitive application to Unis in the UK?