Moving from engineering to physics


Good day, my son is obtaining his Chemical Engineering Degree from Stellenbosch University this year. He does not want to be an engineer though and strongly feels that he should have studied mathematics and/or theoretical physics instead. He is very strong in mathematics and the plan was always to do a post grad in the UK and the question is now what to study? His dream is to be involved in advances in taking the world forward such as working for Tesla or Spacex. It seems that he won’t be able to do a MSc due to his lack of physics at a graduate level. So does he start from scratch with a BSc degree in the UK or rather do a post grad degree focusing on business? What would be the best from a career point of view taking into account what he wants to do?



Firstly if you want to pursue M.Sc. you have to clear an entrance exam. There are many entrance exams which you can take to pursue M.Sc. These exams are:

  • IIT JAM Exam
  • NEST (National Entrance Screening Test)
  • JEST(Joint Entrance Screening Test)
  • MCAER CET M.Sc Entrance Exam

There are many more entrance exams for M.Sc. So, you can check their details too. But the best and the popular one is IIT JAM Exam.

It is conducted to get admitted in IITs, NITs, or IISc to pursue M.Sc (Four Semesters), Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D, M.Sc.-M.Tech., M.Sc.-Ph.D Dual Degree & other courses.

Best of Luck!