Mock Grades

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Regarding submission of a transcript, does this include your practice/mock exam grades? Obviously for Y13 this would be the case as final grades would not be out yet but what about for Y11/12? this is for NCEA.

Thanks for your help

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Hi there @742936e9488c7109fbdc

Regarding your question I am unsure of what you mean? You would send in your Y13 mock results and obviously submit your SAT/ACT results also. But are you asking if you also need to submit the results of your practice/mock exams for Y11 & Y12 too?

@m.hardy Yep, pretty much just wondering if y11/12 mocks are sent in along as part of the transcript.

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I’m with you now.

No don’t worry about your Y11/Y12 mocks, you have the actual results for those on hand.

Ok sweet thanks.

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