Med school in India or Canada?

I want to go to medical school. My options are to study in Canada since I have family there or to study here in India. What is the process for both ?
(I am an Indian passport holder)


The question here is where do you want to practise?
It is always better to study where you plan to practise medicine as conversion exams in both the countries could be long and cumbersome and sometimes takes 3-4 years after you finished your education. Nonetheless here is the process for both (I am taking into consideration the fact that you have an Indian passport) :

Med school in Canada
For Med school in Canada, you start with a normal Life Science undergrad. The most preferred undergrad is Human Biology as it checks all the requisites for med school. Getting into Med School after your undergrad is extremely competitive as an international student as :

  1. The seats are low in quota
  2. You need to crack the MCAT exam (Medical College Admission Test) - the medical entrance exam for Med School
  3. Your undergrad GPA should be in the top 2 percentile
  4. You should have good amount of medical contribution (research, volunteering, shadowing) outside your academics.
    The degree you get after Med School is that of M.D

Med School in India
In India you enter the medical field right after Grade 12. Usually these students are in the Indian state board as it helps them prepare for Med School from a young age. Med School in India is also competitive however if you do well in the following you have a decent shot at getting in :

  1. Top 1-2 percentile of your high school board exam (ICSE, CBSE_
  2. Crack the NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) for Med school. This score will determine which grade med school you enter.
    The degree you get after Med School here is M.B.B.S

P.S The process for Med school in Canada is very similar to the US (just for your additional info)

I would re-iterate - if you are planning to come back to India to practise it might not be well the effort of going abroad to pursue med school as it is not only extremely challenging but futile when you come back to India and try to convert your degree for Indian practise.