Math Studies Student Question


Hello there! I’d like to ask as I’m currently a math studies student, I was wondering what courses will i be able to get into? i understand that most courses requires the min of math standard, but is it possible for them to make exceptions if we do exceptionally well in other subjects?

FYI I’m also focusing on either U.S or Canada for Universities


Hi @chiyomai

Studying Math opens a lot of doors for you regarding degree options. Many degrees contain elements where math is a factor, and they range from Finance right through to Engineering. But also importantly aside from your ability to solve math problems is your ability to analyse what your data is telling you.

However not being an expert in math is not a barrier but it will still be important for you to have a foundational knowledge. Also it is important to remember that if you are not strong in math you can upskill with tutoring and study, struggling with math right now doesn’t preclude you from getting better in the future. In saying that there are degree options where Math is not a very significant piece of the puzzle. You can look into Humanities degrees or other degrees such as Design or even Journalism which rely more heavily on your critical thinking capacity and your command of verbal reasoning. But also you should play to your strengths where your talent shines more brightly.

I hope this is helpful :slight_smile: