LEVEL 3 statistics vs calculus for Otago HSFY

I am a year 12 student currently taking, bio, chem, Phys, regular English (not literature) and maths with calculus, I want to go to Otago to do first-year health sciences and then medicine. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on which maths (calculus or statistics) I should take in year 13 to be most prepared.

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Hi @t.reiner4132

In answer to your questions, statistics is much more useful for HSFY. Much of the content of Level 3 Stats crosses over with PUBH192, one of the 7 core papers, so this will make life much easier.

Taking Level 3 stats will also help you if you decide to take STAT115, this is one of the popular optional 8th papers which can be used to improve your overall GPA. A lot of the content in this paper builds on the statistics you will learn at school.

In saying that, Calculus is notably more difficult, and pushing yourself is always going to extend your abilities in terms of study and critical thinking. Calc can also help with rearranging equations in physics, one of the other core papers in Otago.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



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