Kings college/Saint Kentigernacceptance rate


I have an A- average (U.S. grading system as Grade 9) and is thinking of applying for King’s college or St.Kents for Year 12. I would like to know how hard it is to be accepted to one these schools.


Hi Anonymous,

Exciting times! I went to St Kentigern Prep and King’s College. Both of these schools are prestigious schools compared to broader New Zealand schools but aren’t particularly competitive to gain admission. If you have an A- average and proficiency in English you should be comfortable able to get into both schools with no issues. If you are paying international student fees also that will make it easier still to get in. At King’s College, if you are willing to be a boarder then virtually everyone is accepted. Day students are marginally more competitive.

I would say that is absolutely essential that you choose the best school out of these two for you. You might want to check out our thread (King's College v Saint Kentigern College v Auckland Grammar School). Feel free to also email me at with your academic transcript, CV and interests and I can recommend which school is a better fit for you. The schools are both prestigious but vary significantly in what they are good at so this is probably going to be important choice for you.