Is there a dating culture at the University of Chicago?


Okay, so I’ve that people at UChicago where t-shirs with slogans like “where fun goes to die”, “where the squirrels are more aggressive than the guys”, and “where the only thing that is going to go down on you is your GPA”. Now I know that they are meant to be funny, but I’m also pretty sure they must have some basis in truth haha. I’m considering applying to UChicago, as I know it’s a great college, but I’m legitimately worried that my sex life is going to wither away!

So…my question is: what’s the dating scene at UChicago like?


Don’t worry! While it is true that students are a bit more nerdy and timid than usual at UChicago, you won’t find it hard to find dates to go on. In general, people are very outgoing and approachable. And plus, it’s college – everyone is young and excited to be living away from home for the first time :slight_smile:

I remember having similar worries when I was an incoming freshman. All my friends from high school asked, ‘Why are you going to a college that’s literally known for being the final resting place of fun?’. But at the end of the day, all these fears were pretty unfounded. It’s true people are really into the whole ‘life of the mind’ thing at UChicago, so as a result you have people who are interested in some pretty obscure intellectual interests. To my surprise however, I found that while a lot of students at UChicago are somewhat odd, they aren’t all shy about wanting to date. You’ll be fine!