Is it worth taking NZQA Scholarship Examinations in Year 13 if you're applying to US colleges?


I am interested in applying to the US for university. Is there a point in taking scholarship examinations in Year 13 if scholarship results only come out in February? Will I be able to include this in my common app?


There’s definitely an advantage to doing Scholarship both in terms of how it prepares you for university and to help your application. There is an opportunity to update the schools that you have applied for with your NZQA Scholarship results once they come out, but it won’t be included on your common app since results won’t be out.

Scholarship results do look really good because it directly ranks you in relation to your cohort as being in the top 3% or top 0.3% for a particular subject, so US universities really like this.


How do you ‘update’ the university? Is it by sending an email or…


I believe so, but it may depend on the school you are applying to.


The best way is to get your counselor to send your February results in the “Optional Report” of the common app. Otherwise your counselor can email but that’s just inconvenient.