Is it too late to start an ACT course?


Hi, in 2017 I will be studying level 3 NCEA. I have never had or sat any SAT or ACT testes previously. My school and NCEA grades are only just above average. (Average being Excellence Endorsement) Do you think I still have a chance at doing well if I start taking ACT testes next year? For example the ACT crash course in January that I see you promoting?
I really need some good advice, thank you!


Hi there!

The crash course is all about how much effort you are willing to put in. I know people who have gotten into Ivy Leagues who sat their SAT/ACT exams in senior year. If you have the drive and determination to do the work that the crash course assigns, I think you have a good chance of doing well and seeing significant improvement in your score after the crash course.

Good Luck!