Is 3.5 GPA good enough for top universities?

Will a GPA of 3.5 be considered by top universities?

Most US universities do not state a cutoff GPA for admissions. However, it still helps to check each university’s website to get more information. A 3.5 GPA on its own is not the only factor that is considered by universities - they will look at your extracurriculars, recommendations as well as essays to make a decision.

You can use our admissions calculator to find a university that best suits your profile.

This table could be of some help as well:

Average GPA (weighted) of Accepted Students at Top Schools
University Average GPA (weighted) of Accepted Student
Princeton University 4.14
Harvard University 4.15
Columbia University 4.14
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 4.15
Yale University 4.10
Stanford University 4.13
Cornell University 4.05
University of Pennsylvania 4.10
Brown University 4.05
Dartmouth College 4.07