International student

I currently reside in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago) and I would like to study law in the UK, particularly Oxford. What can I do to prepare myself to study this course? Also any tips on scholarships and high school internships would be greatly appreciated. - Thanks in advance.

Hi 8a42,

Are you taking the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)? You’ll need to offer at the minimum three subjects at the two-unit level, all at grade I. I suggest you take the subjects that not only interest you but would also challenge and develop your critical thinking skills – humanities subjects such as history and literature would generally look much better for a law applicant than say, animation/game design.

It’s a little difficult to give specific advice not knowing how far out you are from applying, but you should be familiar with overarching issues in law, ethics, and morality, and be prepared to take a stand and reason appropriately in hypothetical scenarios should you be offered an interview.


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