International student -taking SAT subject US history

Hi, I am a senior at a Japanese high school preparing for the SAT subject tests. I’ve done math2 and physics and was deciding of the 3rd subject.
Since my school offered world history and I am thinking of a humanities major(International relations and social affairs), I was thinking of taking the world history subject test. I found out that the college board only offers world history on December for 2019.

In that case, I started considering of taking US History on October to be prepared for the early decision. I want to know the
-workload of US history, I have never studied it before but am good at remembering numbers and facts and linking historical issues
-how does the application look like if a international student sent an US history subject test


The workload for US history is quite high. It’s known to be one of the more difficult tests and you are going to be graded against predominantly Americans, who have a comparative advantage for this specifics test.

I would consider English or stay with World History. I understand that the testing dates for this are uncomfortable, but studying for U.S. History would require a lot of extra work that will take time away from focusing on your college applications, which is arguably more important.

I’d consider also simply not taking a third exam. Colleges only require or recommend two, and depending on your scores in the two you’ve taken already, it would not be necessarily very incremental to your application to take a third, especially if the result is a sub-standard score. There’s risk to taking the exam in December and that should be considered as you move forward.

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Thank you for the reply!
I guess I’ll stick to the ordinary plan of taking the world history since I’ve studied it long at school.