International student’s problems with GPA 2

At school in my country (Poland) the grading scale is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (1 is the worst, 6 the best). I don’t have GPA and APs.

First year:

Religion – 5

Polish language – 5

English language – 6

German language – 6

Music – 6

Art Classes – 6

History – 6

Civics – 6

Geography – 5

Biology – 6

Chemistry – 5

Physics – 5

Mathematics – 4

Computer Science – 6

Physical Education – 5

Education for Safety – 6

Theater Classes – 6

Shop Classes – 6

Second year:

Religion – 5

Polish language – 3

English language – 5

German language – 4

History – 4

Civics – 4

Geography – 4

Biology – 4

Chemistry – 4

Physics – 4

Mathematics – 5

Computer Science – 4

Physical Education – exempt

Education for Safety – 4

Business Studies – 4

Knowledge of Culture - 6

At school in Poland students couldn’t choose subjects they would like to study. The subjects are imposed so not everyone likes every subjects. I have to study in large part what I don’t want (hence my marks are not that good). Moreover, the best marks (6) are gotten by students who are winning contests. You know that is impossible to be the winner in everything. Grading system in my school is terrible! I would like to apply into: MIT, Harvard, Yale, Amherst and Princeton. I care the most about Yale so I will apply Single Choice Early Action (known as Restrictive Early Action) in November 2019.

Hi there,
I understand you’d like to apply to some top schools in the US - your marks may make that a bit difficult, but it also depends on how many other Polish students are applying. Harvard accepts a few students from your country every year, as do other top schools, but typically these will be the absolute best students in Poland, with the best résumés to boot. I don’t want to discourage you, but I do want you to be realistic that there may be some substantial hurdles to overcome, especially if you are completing your application without outside assistance. Let me know if you have any questions!

But, if I will have strong other parts of my application for example: esseys, extracurriculars, SATs or TOEFL?
I care about Yale not Harvard. I want to apply in Early Action. Yale’s admit rate for 2018 Early Action round was 15.5%. So fat chance for me? I will be able to explain why my marks are so bad… I have read that is possible (sending an explanation).