International Student Applications

Do you need an SAT score to gain entry to American Universities? I’m an Australian student wanting to study in the US but I’m unsure how the standardised test scores work. Please help.

Yes! You need the SAT score for entry to most competitive universities. You need to consider whether you take the SAT or ACT. These are tests assessing Math and English. I will arrange access for you to our free diagnostic tool so you can see a sample ACT and SAT practice exam to get a better sense. Fire me an email at :slight_smile:

Do i need to take it too? I’m a Dominican student (here we speak spanish) so i was wondering to know if i have to take an SAT or just TOEFL. Now, I’m in my 12th grade, so i want to be preparate, in case. Help me, please. Thanks

Can i just take the SAT subject tests instead of the actual SAT because I dont take mathematics or physical science as subjects at school anymore because in South Africa you are allowed to drop those 2 subjects and take mathematical literacy in replacement of mathematics and 1 other subject in place of physical science
so im a little confused on what to do?