I'm not a natural leader but I want to run an event

Is this still possible?

First question: how do you know that you’re not a natural leader? You don’t see many toddlers with people following their orders!

The fact is that when you see people in leadership positions, they can seem so skilled that you are intimidated and overwhelmed, attributing that to being merely a part of their personality.

However, that is all they are- skilled. Skills are all that are needed to become a leaders and the only way you can get them are through learning. It is possible that the person you are thinking of picked them up on their own, but by being actively taught them you can avoid the common pitfalls of independent learning and learn things you never would discover on your own.

Once you have the skills you need to become a leader, the style you pick will be the one that reflects you the best. The way you apply your knowledge to make your own vision come true is what makes your skills a part of you. You might soon find that people wonder how they can be a ‘natural leader’ like you!