If a school requires SAT subject tests, would there be a point doing the ACT at all?


For some engineering programs - schools often state they need 2 subject tests, preferably 1 maths and 1 science. In this case - it would be compulsory to take the SAT test right, since you can take the subjects tests without?

Would one take the ACT test in the hopes of a better score then?

But can you take the ACT test over the SAT test, and when they require SAT subject tests? Like can the ACT be in substitute of the SAT + 2 subject tests? If so how can I find this information.

Thank you!

EDIT: did some research and found that sometimes ACT can be taken in lieu of SAT+subjects, but some such as Harvard requires SAT subject tests.


Hey there,

You can definitely take the SAT subject tests without taking the core SAT. In this case, it’s important to evaluate which test suits you better - the SAT core or the ACT.

That’s an entirely different consideration, and you should try a diagnostic test of both to work out what suits you best :slight_smile:. The SAT subject test is completely separate to the SAT, so make the consideration between the SAT core and SAT independently.


Oh I gotcha! I think I read that you can’t do SAT and SAT IIs on the same day, so maybe that’s why I thought that you had to take the SAT in order to do SAT subjects.

If I end up doing the ACT, and let’s say 2 SAT subjects - is this sufficient?



It’s definitely ‘sufficient’ technically.

As a pure academic applicant, you should be looking to demonstrate your prowess in every way possible, and this may mean more subject tests. I personally took 3 - and I think 3 is probably the minimum you realistically want to do, if you’re capable of doing them well!