IBDP Subjects

I am about to begin my DP year after finishing MYP.
If I were to take the following, and have a level of around 6/7. Do I have a chance of getting into the Ivy leagues? I’m targeting economics.


  1. Math Application and Interpretation
  2. Economics
  3. English Language and Literature


  1. Film
  2. Graphic Design
  3. French B

Hi Anarghya,

I’m going to reply to these questions here and your other question from a separate (but related) post: Subject Choices DP

“Although I am leaning towards Economics and Maths and for that I have taken the following after doing a Middle Year Program course. I still have an interest in physics and might pursue Astrophysics in University. This dilemma has kept me from choosing the right subjects in DP. Does anyone have any ideas about the right subject choices here?”

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The choice of coursework for an interest in Economics is adequate (though we recommend the slightly more rigorous Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches). For highly selective institutions in the US, consider targeting 40+ out of 42 (i.e., worst case two 6s, four 7s) for a predicted IB. Beyond that, have an eye towards scoring in the 75th+ %-ile of SAT or ACT plus have a number of 750+ on SAT II Subject Tests. These are, however, only general markers.

All of this, however, only gets your foot in the door and allows you to tell your narrative to admissions offices through the rest of your applications (via application essays, potential interviews, letters of recommendation, activity list, honors, etc.).


Along with the above recommendation of switching to Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches, consider swapping either Film or Graphic Design for Physics. These Group 6 courses are excellent for personal interest development, but if you want the most flexibility for the various academic disciplines you’ve noted (Math, Econ, Astrophysics), you want to indicate a commensurate seriousness of academic interest.


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Dear Geoff,
Thank you so much for your time and reply. What are the possible courses open to me at universities with the combination I have mentioned earlier?