IB Marking and Grades

I’m confused by how the 45 point system works…

As part of the IB you take 6 subjects and have 3 core components.

Each of the 6 subjects, is marked out of 100 and then scaled down to 1-7. So 6 x 7 = gives you a maximum of 42 points.

From the 3 core components, Creativity, Action and Service, is not graded and is simply a pass or a fail.
You can then score 3 extra points from the other core component, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge, giving you a maximum of 45 points!

The amount of points scored is worked out on the points matrix (see below), and is a cross between the grades scored for EE and TOK.

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Hey there, just thought I should add that this matrix has been updated for Nov 2016 onwards.

Please see below!

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