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Hi I have been told by my school if I want to do the stats and probability option for HL IB maths then I have to teach myself. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this option and how hard would this be. I’m wanting to do this option as I think it would be better for for application for Economics than the calculus option which the school will teach.

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Assuming you want to take Economics, calculus is actually just as important (if not more! than statistics and probability). If you wish to take Economics at University of Auckland, for example, you will need to take papers in maths 108, 150, or 153. These papers are all much easier to do with a background in Calculus, rather than Statistics and Probability. Stats 101 is very doable without doing any statistics before in your life, whereas you may find Calculus more challenging without prior knowledge.

If you do end up teaching yourself the Statistics and Probability option, there is a fantastic Youtube channel that I would recommend you follow. I have linked it below. I do not think it would be too difficult to teach yourself this option, it is (in my opinion), easier than Calculus, however it will probably benefit you better in the long term if you choose the Calculus option. The skills required for Calculus are much easier to learn if you are taught them in class, and you might need them later. You may also want to consider your own levels of motivation and how well you will learn without being able to discuss the topics with your classmates. All the best with your studies!

Youtube Channel for Statistics and Probability HL Maths

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Thanks for your insight. Appreciate it.