I heard the University of Chicago has poor record when it comes to rape cases. Is this true?


I remember reading in the news sometime last year that the University of Chicago’s administration mishandled some sexual assault cases. Essentially, they tried to protect themselves rather than the victims. I find this especially concerning, given that 1 in 5 female students at US colleges report experiencing some form of sexual assault while in college. I wanted to know from someone who attended the University of Chicago, what they thought about the University’s handling of such cases.


Yes, it is true that over the past decade the University of Chicago has mishandled some cases of rape. There were some high profile cases, some involving fraternities, that made the national news. In particular, the administration has been repeatedly accused of not providing enough support for victims of assault.

Now that being said, I’m also aware that the university has taken some serious steps towards improving their handling of sexual assault cases. In great part thanks to student activism, the university seems to be taking the issue very seriously.

Here is a great read on the subject: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/university-of-chicago-rape-culture-sexual-assault/Content?oid=19237712