How to decide? - Kaikohe Christian School, Northland College or Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Kaikohe


Is there anyone here who’s had personal experience with these high schools? The time when i will have to decide between which of these institutions to attend is fast aprroaching, but I don’t exactly know how to compare them. My first priority is there academic performance, but social life, culture, sports and other things are important to me too.

Can anyone here tell me something about there:

  1. Academic strength? Which of these three school performs better in the sciences, in PE, in biblical studies and the NCEA curicullum in general?
  2. What values define each school?
  3. What is the student culture like at each school?
  4. Which school has a better leadership program?
  5. What school has the most overseas alumni?
  6. Which school has better better support for athletes?

Its tough deciding between three so similar institutions, but I know that there are differences between them - I hope someone might help to identify them.


Hey @anonymous58 - great question!

Honestly, I think it will come down to personal preference: Do you want the “Big” or “Little” School experience?

Judging from your message, I’d say the former. The size and type of a school can, and does, directly correlate to your factors of preference such as academic performance, social life, culture, and sports. This is by far the most prominent difference between the three institutions - it’s important that I clarify this.

Culture and Size

Northland College is the largest of the three by almost double (302), whilst TKKM o Kaikohe and Kaikohe Christian School have a school-roll of around 184. By no means is is Northland large, however, relatively speaking; it is.

The roll of Christian and Kura Kaupapa will be ingrained in the school’s culture and typically imply small.

Kura is a Kura, perhaps the most important factor in whether you choose to go there. FYI: Kura Kaupapa are Māori-language immersion schools (kura) where the underlying philosophy and practice reflect Māori cultural values with the aim of revitalising Māori language, knowledge and culture.

In summary, in terms of the school’s external image and culture:

  • Northland College: no specific religious or ethnic orientation
  • TKKM o Kaikohe: totally revolved around Māori culture
  • Kaikohe Christian College: based around traditional Christian beliefs


As a larger school, Northland College would present the most opportunity to excel at sport. The other two aren’t renowned for their sporting prowess. Just through the process of elimination, I’d say Northland is better for athletes.


All three follow the NCEA Curriculum. I’d say all three schools academically are pretty even. 100% of all students at Year 13 at TKKM o Kaikohe and Kaikohe Christian College receive both their Numeracy and Literacy requirements. However, at Northland College, this drops to around 95%.

Below, are just a few screenshots that outline levels of achievement academically within each school:

Northland College

TKKM o Kaikohe

Kaikohe Christian College

Other Information

If you’re wanting a full comprehensive report on their academic standing - I suggest you look at Stuff’s School Reports and also the Education Review Office Reports:

Northland ERO:

TKKM o Kaikohe ERO:

Kaikohe Christian College ERO:

Stuff School Report:


Kia ora, anonymous person. I’m William hohepa and have lived in kaikohe all my life. I have attended Kaikohe Christian School (K.C.S) and Northland College (N.C). This is my opinion on the two. (I also know a bit about Kura Kaupapa. Again, it’s my opinion).

KCS is a good school that offers a range of subjects. But the school is Semi-private and the day-to-day routine, and to a degree the subjects, are very “Christian” (Prayers, Assemblies where you sing lots of god songs etc.). So it’s a pretty good school if you like/don’t mind the Christian presence.
I didn’t like it too much, so i eventually left of my own free will. Up until year 10 you have to memorize a bible verse a week, or you get after school detention. So i left to Northland Col.

N.C is a good school, if you know how to self-motivate. Their leadership program is apparently improving. I was Chair of the school council, a prefect there and also my mother works there. The school is also really into Māoritanga, karakias in the morning, an optional maori form class at every year (Te Awatea), an awesome Kapa Haka Roopu (group). Nothing too crazy. The sad thing is that if you do not know how to motivate yourself then N.C probably wouldn’t be good, because a fairly average amount of effort is put into the running of the school and the motivation of students, in all honesty.
Again, it is a good school, with great people, an average education and an established leadership program. (Also a few hoodlum wannabes but hey, it is Kaikohe haha).

So yeah, if you don’t mind religion you can get a wider range of subjects and an (in my opinion) average leadership program from Kaikohe Christian School. And if you want a fairly focused but less focused education overall, with a better leadership program, Northland College is a good school.

Kura is massively Maori focused and is not mainstream focused, If you’re hardout into Maori, that’s the one for you.

I hope i helped you out, may the odds forever be in your favour.