How to apply for unis in USA as a Y13 NCEA student?


What is the timeline for this year if I’m in Y13. Do I need to register here or something?

And I need to do SATs, and preferably 2 SAT subjects as well as doing well in my NCEA & extracurriculars right?



This response by Gabe Gladstein should answer this. Gabe is currently at Harvard, and a Master’s student at the New England Conservatory of Music.

Yes, that is correct, you’ll need to take the SAT (or ACT). You will also need a broad range of extracurriculars and leadership activities, demonstrating your breadth and depth alongside your high academics.

The SAT II (Subject Tests) are optional at many universities, but advised, it’s a way to demonstrate your academic flexibility and add more punch to your application. In addition, it’s a way to leverage (and showcase) your current academic skill-set and interest. This is especially relevant for those who are International Applicants.