How set in stone is the Gen Ed Math requirement at the University of Chicago?

I saw on the University of Chicago’s website that all students have a Mathematics requirement. I really do not enjoy maths and I have no interest in spending the entirety of my first year in college in some Calculus class. Is there any way for me to get out of it?

There is no way for you to waive the Mathematics requirement. However, if you are not going to pursue a major that relies on mathematics (any natural science, pre-Med, Economics, etc), you will not have to take a Calculus class. And furthermore all you have to do is take one quarter of a math related class. Here are some options for someone less interested in mathematics:

CMSC 11000-11100 Multimedia Programming as an Interdisciplinary Art I-II
CMSC 10200 Introduction to Programming for the World Wide Web II
STAT 20000 Elementary Statistics
MATH 11200-11300 Studies in Mathematics I-II

I should add that for the CMSC11000-11100 and MATH11200-11300 sequences, you would only have to do one class: e.g. CMSC11000 alone.