How much does Crimson tutoring cost?


I am looking to attend in a secondary school in NZ.
I have read about Crimson Tutoring, Ivy League admission support, leadership mentoring, and extracurricular advising. I would like to have support for CIE and AP as well as extracurricular, leadership mentoring, and Ivy league admission support.
I would like to know how much this will all cost for me (Y12 student), I would like to know if anyone had experience.

Thank you


Hi there,

Crimson has a vast number of services which all vary and are provided on a highly personalised basis dependant on your needs as a student. Although you have given an indication of what services you are after, a consultation with an Academic Advisor would be required to analyse where you wish to apply, how many tutoring hours you would need for each subject, what additional extracurricular support is necessary and much more.

From there, your Academic Advisor can compile different programs for you and your family to consider which vary in intensity and cost.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to get in touch at