How do I pay for a leadership project?

I’m thinking about starting an event but I can’t front the money myself and my parents can’t help me either… Can I still do the project?

Though it is always preferable to try and personally source the money if possible, there are multiple other third-parties that Crimson can guide you through the process of applying to.

This will usually involve pitching your idea to a panel of selectors who will then determine whether they would like to get behind you.

Even if your relatives cannot directly facilitate your endeavours, you should see if you can source a sponsor from their connections. Is there anyone from their business or friend group that would have an interest or be able to benefit from your idea?

Perhaps best of all is your consultant at Crimson- they have been in your shoes before and will come with an extensive network of people that love the idea of helping young people like you, maybe even in connection with your top choice school!

The reason it is always preferable to seek out funding on a personal basis is because going through an organisation is very time consuming and a payoff is far from guaranteed. Keep them in mind though, as when they do work out they can be a huge help.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas!