How do I know where I rank in scholarship exams?

Do they rank students who sit scholarship exams? What is the ranking based on? On marks, or number of scholarships?

NZQA technically does rank students but they do not release exact rankings.

Instead, they divide awards into different groups.

Premier (Top 5-10) - $30k
Outstanding (Top 40-60) - $15k
Scholarship Award (Top 200) - $2k

Qualifying results for each group changes every year but usually Premier is atleast 4 outstanding scholarships, outstanding is atleast 2 outstanding scholarships +1 scholarship or 1 outstanding scholarship +4 scholarships, and scholarship award is atleast 3 scholarships.

Hope that helps!

Just a little correction - the Scholarship Award mentioned above is $6k and an unlimited number can be given out - the only requirement is 3 scholarships (this doesn’t change from year to year, whereas Premier and Outstanding requirements do as they are based on top 10 and top 40-60).

Mmm, that’s what I thought initially, but then I read this webpage:

Where the two people featured have their scholarship rankings listed too. Incidentally on this webpage the position of the sixth name seems to correlate with the scholarship ranking mentioned on Crimson’s website (6 names down + the 9 premier scholars of that year = 15th, as features on Crimson’s webpage). I suppose the connection isn’t just a coincidence?

The list of outstanding scholars from 2016 and 2014, on the other hand, seem to be listed alphabetically:

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