How do bonus points work for HSC?


I may be eligible for ‘bonus points’ for my university course. What are they?


Bonus points are points on your ATAR that you may earn for certain universities for a variety of reasons. These may include:

  • Where you live
  • Volunteering
  • Certain Awards (like Duke of Edinburgh)
  • Certain activities (like cadets)
  • Elite Sports
  • Bonus points do not change your ATAR, but they are definitely taken into consideration when Universities review your application through UAC.

    Universities allocate bonus points for different reasons. Examples include students with strong performance in specific HSC courses, students who live in or attend school in an area defined by the university and students who have applied for consideration through Educational Access Schemes.

    As the bonus points schemes for each university, and often each course at the same university, are different, your selection rank can be different for each course you list in your course preferences. For most Year 12 applicants, their selection rank for each preference is their ATAR. However if a university allocates bonus points to you for a particular course then your selection rank for that preference is your ATAR + bonus points.