How are NCEA grades considered overseas?


For US, UK, and Australia, how are NCEA grades considered relative to the grading systems of those countries? For example, are Merits generally equivalent to Bs and Excellences to As in US? Are the systems of grading similar enough for this type of conversion to be generally accurate?


Many schools like St Kents actually have their own GPA conversion system as they have E+, E, M+, M, A+, A and NA. From what I can remember, E+ = 100%, E = 90%, M+ = 80% and so on.

If it’s just E, M, A, I would imagine E = 100%, M = 75%, A = 50%

A GPA of 4.0 would be all Es, 3.0 would be all Ms and 2.0 would be all As.