Good enough?

I was endorsed with excellence at lvl 1 2 and 3 and was the dux and house leader of the school. I played cricket badminton table tennis and football for my school and have recieved 3 subject scholarships.
Do I have a good chance to get into the ivy league assuming i have done an Ok job on the SAT’s and the application (essays, personal statement etc.)

Hi there,

This is a good starting point but is not likely to be enough. Given your ambitions, NCEA level 3 excellence is a relatively low bar and you haven’t mentioned any particularly strong leadership activities. Please send me your CV (including level 3 grades) to and I can look at your profile more thoroughly. What school are you at?

Also an “okay” essay will not be enough - only 1 in 7 Dux candidates land an Ivy on average - your application must be outstanding in all capacities.