Going to Ivies for economics/humantarians vs engineering/med?

It seems to me like a lot of people go overseas to study economics, business, commerce degrees, and very few ones go overseas to study engineering or med? (I’ve unheard of anyone studying med)

Is it because it’s harder to get accepted as a med student / engineering student? Just like in Auckland, getting into med is very competitive. Or is it more so the costs?


Medical school is a graduate degree in America (most of the time). Therefore you cannot apply for medicine straight after high school graduation. That’s why you have never heard of anyone going to America to study med. That being said, med school in general is very difficult to get into. Even if you go to an Ivy League university for undergrad, the chances of getting into a good med school is still very slim.

As for engineering, there are many students who study engineering overseas and at ivies.

Is engineering harder to get into compared with economics/etcs? Or more expensive?


Engineering is harder to get in because the people who apply to engineering
are generally more quantative and have higher grades.

It’s not more expensive.