Getting an IB Intern/grad role

Hello, I am a student in my penultimate year of LLB/BCom. My grades are not too bad overall with averaging around 7.0. I really want to get in IB, and I am considering taking Finance honours for a better chance to have a go at IB. But I was wondering what my chance would be to even land an intern next year. I do have previous intern experiences in an acctg big four/law ful but I am not sure if this is going to be enough.

Hi - I would say that investment banking currently seems difficult given your trajectory but the best things to do would be to take those Honours classes and continue to excel in that field. What’s important here is that you are taking classes in finance and also networking very hard initially. Best to be attending all the events at your university and also reaching out where possible to people at these firms who went to your university and seeing if they can introduce you to folks that will speak with you. Play up your previous experiences and potentially go back and speak to your supervisors over those summers to see if they can help you.