Getting a Medicine Degree Overseas and Working in Australia

Hi Crimson, what are the potential pathways if I want to study medicine in the US or UK but want to work back here in Australia? Are overseas medical degrees recognised here in Australia?

Hi there,

US/UK medical degrees are definitely recognised in Australia, and depending on when in your pathway you choose to return to Australia, the ease of which to return changes. Each state has slightly different rules and policies, though a simplified summary is below:

Returning immediately on graduation is relatively hard, where they prioritise students from Australian Universities first, and will only areas of shortage such as remote areas and Northern Territory and parts of Queensland are likely to offer jobs.

However, as you progress through your career, it becomes easier; with most jobs after the initial year being merit-based rather than graduation location based, where studying at a top US/UK University will likely influence your CV positively as well.


Thanks Mark! Would I need to pass any Australia-based registration exams or meet any particular standards?

Not as a Junior doctor in the first few years where you can transfer directly with no extra requirements, only senior doctors (consultants) may need to sit extra exams associated with the relevant Royal Australasian College of their specialty, which varies from specialty to specialty.