I am a year 12 student currently taking maths with calculus, chemistry, physics, biology, English, and geography. I am going to take the three sciences and statistics in year thirteen and was wondering if it would be more useful to take calculus or English on top of that. (I would most likely want to do FYHS at Otago). Thanks


Hey @t.reiner4132

To be honest those are both great options with their own benefits. English is beneficial because you get to further hone your verbal and written communication skills which are obviously important not just in FYHS at Otago but also going forward in your career.

Calculus, on the other hand, is also useful because you will get to really extend yourself academically and get to hone your critical thinking and study skills. Another benefit of taking Calculus is that you will get extra practice at rearranging equations which is a core component of Physics, which is one of the core papers you will have to take in FYHS.

Hope this is helpful! :slight_smile: