Finance Major - add Computer Science?

I’m currently a Finance Major, and in my final year I’m finally fulfilling my major requirements (I’m online and took a couple years off). I’m wondering if it would be worth my time to add a Computer Science major. I’ve never seen myself in a stereotypical finance job, and computer science has always been an interest of mine. Any advice from anyone with this type of background?

Good question! I actually have the same background… I majored in Applied Mathematics and Economics (known as the Wall Street major at Harvard haha) and thought about getting my minor in Computer Science as a senior before beginning my investment banking career at Goldman. I do not think that this is worth your time if you are dedicated to a career in finance, as the only instance where this would come into place is if you decided to go to quantitative investing, but those roles typically require you to be near the top of your undergraduate class or have a PhD in the subject. Depending on how nontraditional you are envisioning your role, it could be useful, but there aren’t many roles out there that require you to code and invest / run business operations - you’re predominantly going to do one or the other and since you’ve already committed so much time (and perhaps more importantly, money) to one, I’d stick to it!

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Yes, Finance-CS majors are the exact kind of people that would come up with things like this. I have a number of friends who did Statistics or similar Economics/CS/Applied Math/Stats combos who are obsessed with poker and gambling generally, and use a lot of math to find any edge possible