Extracurricular activities for students


Respected sir,

I want to ask that
As I am in India,What extracurricular activities can I do ? As I am good at academic but don’t have much extracurricular activities…
Which are some more extra curricular activities that I can do ??
Thanks and regards
Mayank Mudgal


Hey Tech2Men! Can you please give some more information on your academic subjects - what do you enjoy? What are your interests? What might you want to major in at university? From there I can suggest some for you :slight_smile:


I enjoy physics, computer science and mathematics (calculus to be more specific…).
My interests are swimming,coding, listening to music,teaching,chess but I don’t have certificate of any sport or archivement in my high school.
As my parents want me to grow more in academics and they thought extracurricular are not going to help me anywhere.
I am actually crushed between which major should I choose as I love physics and coding equally.
Thank you !