Experience with Sydney post-grad

I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with a post-grad programme at the University of Sydney? (what are the courses like, how hard is it to get in etc…).

I am currently studying economics at the University of Auckland, and am looking at potential grad options in some Australian schools in the area of the political economy, international development, or international relations. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi there,

Here is a really useful link for you to search your postgrad options at USYD: http://sydney.edu.au/courses/a-z/postgrad-coursework/A

In terms of how difficult admission is, it would depend to an extent on your undergraduate marks. If you maintain a credit average/don’t fail any subjects you should be in good stead. I would give Sydney Admin a call and ask to be directed to the faculty in which you want to study to find out more details information.

I hope this helps!