English v English Rich subjects?

I am finalising my year 12 subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus + ???) and want to know if it is okay to take English rich subjects (History, Classics) or if I should keep English in the mix. I have also taken French up until now but with only 6 spots to fill I feel like French may be the one to drop. Will I be ruling myself out of anything but not specifically taking English? Currently my aim is first year health science but of course I want to keep options open. Thank you for your help!

Depends where you are wanting to study - in NZ, courses like Health Sci only require a Table A subject - History and Classics are totally fine - but in Australia - a lot of Med programmes require specifically NCEA Level 3 English. The UK on the other hand won’t require English and would actually prefer 3 Sciences + Maths.