Does going to University of Auckland make me a transfer student?

When colleges like Princeton and Stanford say they don’t allow transfer students, does that mean that if I apply for them RD, but then also apply to an Auckland uni and start sem1 at Auckland, but get into Princeton, would I not be able to go to Princeton?

The definition of a transfer student varies. Since decisions don’t come out until April, you would not technically be a transfer student, so you should be fine.

Hello. Would the fact that the student studied for Semester 1 in University of Auckland be recorded and be shown to Princeton or other US universities, if I want to study for the whole of Semester 1 (even after April)?

How would I be able to cancel paying for the tuition fees to University of Auckland, or are they done monthly/per semester?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

No it won’t be. You will have a transcript if you finish first semester but you won’t be required to report it to Princeton. They are done per course for each semester so you can just not pay for semester 2.

Thank you for your answer!

What if I did 2 semesters? doing the young scholars in Y13, and then first year uni next year as I wouldn’t find out until April.