Does first degree's prestige affect chances of entering T10 MBA

Does the school that i attend have an impact on my chances for a T10 MBA program in the future? Should i accept the school with a better reputation or a school which is decent but has a course structure that i like?

Hey Leonard. Yes, your undergraduate institution has a major effect on your chance of admission to a top MBA program. Additionally, your performance at that institution is very important. For example, going to Harvard gives you a much better shot of getting into Stanford Business School (the world number 1 business school) than going to UCLA on average. However, if you go to Harvard and get a 2.9 GPA but get a 3.8 GPA at UCLA, you will be more competitive coming from UCLA.

Generally speaking a better reputation is advisable unless the course structure will enable you to perform better at the university. This varies massively based on which programs you are trading between. Which universities are you considering?

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the responds. I am wondering if it is possible for me to email you to give you a bigger picture of the current situation that i am in? I believe that my education path is uncommon and would like to get an advice on the path to take.

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