Does ATAR matter much if I get high ACT/SAT score?


I recently consulted two people, one told me that ATAR matters and the other told me that ACT/SAT matters more than ATAR. So what is the correct answer to this question?


It depends on the tier of school. It is far more complicated than initially appears.

For example, low ATAR will translate to low comments around academic quality on counsellors reports which will translate to weaker perceived execution in school environment.

Low SAT/ACT score below a certain threshold will totally rule you out of many schools.

Generally, depending on the school you aim for the SAT/ACT score is crucial because below a certain cut-off you simply won’t get in but above that performance in your school exams is essential. Top US universities expect high standardized test scores AND outperformance relative to your environment. Feel free to send me specifics to and I can answer concretely as it will vary substantially based on your candidacy, grades and target schools

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