Do you think Hong Kong University is good?


Do you think Hong Kong University is good?


Yes, the University of Hong Kong is very good and often considered ‘the Harvard of the East’. It’s definitely one of the best universities in the East and ranked around #27 in the world (according to QS '16 rankings).

As far as I can tell, this university is fantastic. HKU puts a lot of money towards its undergraduate and postgraduate students. There is a stronger emphasis on pedagogy than on research, in my opinion. The campus environment seems friendly and supportive, and it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I’ve heard the residence halls provide a great social/living situation, but I have no firsthand experience.

Non-locals seem quite welcome. The university has a very international mindset, so the academic departments try to hire talent from all over the world. The default language of instruction at HKU is English.


Hi, I am currently a freshman studying actuarial science at The University of Hong Kong. I think my deepest impression of HKU is its intense study atmosphere. Most students are really hard-working at HKU and the academic environment is quite competitive. Also, there may not be as many parties as compared to US or UK unis. So, whether HKU suits you or not really depends on your personality.
Although there are not so many parties, there are indeed a lot of extra-curricular activities going on. There are various student clubs you can choose to participate and the university is quite supportive in terms of funding etc. There are always lots of seminars, workshops, networking activities on offer as well.
To talk about the big environment beyond HKU campus, Hong Kong is a bustling city made up of skycrapers. The pace of life here is incredibly fast. Again, it really depends on your lifestyle to say whether this is good or bad.