Counselor final report submission


My counselor has submitted the school report, counselor recommendation and mid-year report already.

For the final report, is that referring to school mock exam results that are available in late September since NZQA results do not come out until mid-Jan/Feb?

When NZQA results do come out, is this compulsory for the counselor to send (if as part of Optional Report)?

Thank you!

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Hi anon, this a great question!

I think my incredibly smart colleague @megan.summers will be able to advise you better than myself.


Yes, when the actual NZQA results come out, definitely get those forwarded out to the universities to which you submit applications. Even though you submit around Jan. 1 for most schools (regular decision) and will only have the mid-year and mock results to send at that time, your application will still be under review by the time the legitimate final results come out.


Thanks for your reply! Would school mocks be submitted as the final or optional report?


Also, would I wait until both the NZQA results AND the NZQA Scholarship results are out (mid-Feb) before submitting them together as final/optional report?


Send them in as they come out, just to make sure everything’s getting to
the schools as quickly as possible.