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Normally what marks do I have to get to be top in NZ in AS Maths?


Hey Tommy, When you say “Marks”, I’m not sure if you’re referring to the scaled percentage (the one you receive on your transcript) or the raw mark (which you can usually gain from your school exam administrators)
Firstly, for any top in NZ, the mark you need to receive changes every year depending on the difficulty of the exam and obviously the performance of everyone else in NZ who took the exam. I gained Top in New Zealand in AS Mathematics in 2014 and Top in New Zealand in A2 Mathematics in 2015.
In 2014, exactly 24 students gained Top in NZ in AS Mathematics. We all gained 95% scaled mark and 100% raw mark. However, the 2014 exam was significantly easier than other years and there isn’t usually that many tops in a single subject but since everyone got full marks, Cambridge had to award all 24 students.
In 2015, I was the only student in New Zealand who received Top in NZ in A2 Mathematics. The exam was not particularly easy like it was for AS in 2014. My raw mark was 100% and scaled mark was 97% due to the AS scaled mark of 95% brought up from previous year.
Mathematics is usually the most predictable subject, and you usually need 100% raw mark to gain Top in NZ except in rare cases where the exam is particularly difficult where you can still be 1st in NZ even if you lose a few marks.


So how can I see my raw marks for my subject?

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Ask your teacher or CIE Exam officer when you get back to school politely :slight_smile:


Hi, Rayma! Would you mind sharing how you prepared for math CIE A-level