CIE AS/A Level v AP High School Curriculum



I have been studying in NZ for my whole schooling and have completed IGCSE and currently doing AS.

However, next year I am going to the US for grade 11/12 (year 13) and I am interested to know the difference between the difficulty of course between AS/A Level and the US-based system known as Advanced Placement (AP) as I am not certain whether or not to choose AP subjects.


Hey Shaq! Do you watch Fresh Off The Boat? I love the show - Eddie loves big shaq.

A Levels are generally harder than APs on average. The hardest APs like BC Calculus generally have harder A Level equivalents like A Level Further Mathematics. This is well illustrated by the fact that most competitive American students do 4-15 APs for top schools but in the UK most students only do 3-5 A Levels.

Fire me an email with your current IGCSE internal scores, subjects of interest and what specific school you are heading to in the US and where you are at now and I can tell you exactly what the next step should be. -