Cathedral vs Ambani

I’ve heard great things about both these schools - Cathedral and John Connon as well as Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Could someone help me understand whats the difference ? Is one better over another?

Both Cathedral and Ambani are renowned institutions in Mumbai.
Cathedral offers both ISC and IB option for Grade 12 where as DAIS only offers IB.
DAIS is a relatively new school opened in 2003 with state of art infrastructure where as Cathedral was founded in 1865 as an Anglo-Scottish Education Society.
Where Cathedral has a beautiful heritage facade, huge libraries and state of art music and art studios DAIS has TEDxYouth@DAIS, DAIS Leadership Series, Model United Nations (MUN) conferences and community service for students’ holistic development.

Both schools are known for their high performance and are equally prestigious, at the end the choice is mainly if you want to do the ISC boards for your 12th Grade - DAIS doesn’t offer it.