Can I apply to both local and international universities? If so, what's the best way to do this?

I plan to apply to international universities but want to apply to local universities as a back-up plan. What’s the best way to do this and what issues, if any, can arise?

Hey! I think all of us who’ve applied overseas have had this problem. Here’s how I dealt with it.

  • Early Applications

I applied early to my first choice US school. This meant that I found out in early December, and was therefore able to pull all my other applications to domestic and Australian Universities, with zero hitches.

  • Tiered Safeties

I applied to several schools in Australia, as well as Auckland Uni as a final backup. This meant that if anything went drastically wrong I’d still have a safe bet back home

The problem arises if you don’t get into your early action school (very common). In that case, you can defer your enrolment in local Universities until the middle of the year (if you really want to go overseas), and apply regular decision.

Everyone from the Australasia is more or less in the same boat! Just make sure you have plenty of backup options that you’d be really happy with!

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Thanks Harry! Great answer.