Cambridge Law

Hi Does anyone know which of the Cambridge Colleges are traditionally known for law. What extracurriculars would strengthen the application and which IB subjects would be most appropriate for a chance Thank you

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There aren’t really any “law colleges” at Cambridge. It’s a very competitive degree throughout the university, and therefore any college is going to have a strong law cohort. Furthermore, it’s a bit of a myth that any Cambridge college specialise in certain courses. Yes, some do not offer certain more niche courses, but one college will not be “better” than another for a particular course, and your choice of college should not be focused on this.

As for extracurriculars, anything debating-related will be very useful when it comes to Cambridge law. Other than debating, I would say keeping up to date with the latest developments in primarily British law by following the news will be very advantageous, as will reading some of the suggested reading from the Cambridge law website (it’ll also give you a taste of the course).

At IB, I would go for any subjects which allow you to practice your discursive and argumentative skills. This includes subjects like History, English and Politics. However almost all of the law students I know at Cambridge also took Maths and at least one Science at A Level/IB too, as it is important to be a well-rounded student to be competitive in the application process at Cambridge. Ultimately though, your subject choices for law won’t be as important as the final grades you get (since law is an ‘ab initio’ university course), so I would suggest picking the subjects you’re best at and most interested in.

Hope this helped! If you have any more questions I’d be happy to help

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