Building current events and general knowledge in my child?

Any recommendations for opportunities for my child to learn more about current events and build general knowledge

I’m not a parent, but happy to share some thoughts:
It can be hard to get kids to look into current events on their own, so nudging things into their daily routine can be the best way to get them involved in current events. I would suggest simple things, like changing your browser homepage to a news site like SMH or CNN, so they are confronted with the news whenever they search the internet. Stick good news articles on the fridge door, so whenever they go for a snack they’re subconsciously reading whats going on in the world. As a kid I didn’t like to read in length, but my mother often cut out headlines and good articles and put them on the fridge, and because I was always inquisitive I would take a quick 10 seconds to skim what they had to say.
Also, extracurriculars like debating and mock trials are great for having to talk about topical events and justify opinions.
In terms of general knowledge, I would stress the importance of meeting new people. When I was in high school, I took part in a buddy program talking to students at a correspondence school, and the different life experiences of these students I talked to definitely broadened my understanding of how different family units operate and how they create different opinions in students. It was a platform not only to talk about general knowledge, but taught me emotional intelligence as well as how to better direct and hold a conversation.

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