Barron SAT study books



I’ll be sitting the SAT in a few months and I’m about to order my books.

I’m leaning toward the Barron study books, because I’ve heard they’re harder than the actual test, and me - wanting to apply to competitive universities - want to obviously achieve a competitive score.

With that said, would I be well prepared if I bought and studied all of:
The Barron’s Math workbook,
The Barron’s Writing workbook,
The Barron’s Critical Reading workbook,
& The Barron SAT 1600 Workbook?

Academically, I’m expecting to achieve all my Level 2 subjects with Excellence endorsements, achived Lvl with an excellence endorsement and I’m looking at doing 3 Schol exams next year.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I recommend buying the SAT book from Collegeboard over this - Barron for SAT isn’t very useful. I don’t think you are doing enough scholarship exams to be competitive if you are aiming for Harvard/Stanford level but 3 is fine if you are aiming for US top 15.